Hyatt Poolside day 2

One last blog…….

Last day in Nepal after a wonderful trip for TJ and I. Our travels saw us coming from Calgary to katmandu and then through the many villages on our way to base camp and then back to Kathmandu. When we are done, 28 days of adventure, experience and education. We met many new friends and enjoyed life from a completely different perspective then we would typically see from our north American vantage point.

So now on our last day, we thought it appropriate to post several photos from the days gone by reflecting on our memories of this spectacular trip.

Yak and yeti backyard.

Big everest beer. Tip, avoid consuming at altitude.

Monkey temple. Named for all the right reasons.

TJ on the rocks at Phakding.

Sherpa guide Mingma at sanboche air strip.

View from sanboche

Flight to Phaplu

View from Phaplu

Phaplu school opening with Zeke O’Connor

View from dingboche

Dingboche lodge

Trekking to Lobuche

On our way to base camp

Base camp trek view

Made it to base camp.

Trek views

Trekking back to tengboche

Standing on the top of tengboche where sir Edmund monuments are located.

Visiting with school headmaster.

Flying out of tengboche

Children of Kathmandu

Friends at lukla

The hyatt Kathmandu

More of the hyatt.

Temple maintenance.



Thanks to all who followed our trek and we hope we were able to bring some of our reality to you as you followed along.


Todd and TJ.

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Hyatt poolside

Completely borrowing disconnected day at the hyatt in Kathmandu ……. Very nice!

One more day in Kathmandu and then a very long travel day (26hrs) to get us home.


Todd and TJ

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At the hyatt

Staying the hyatt hotel for the last few days. Making some day trips in-between relaxation around the pool.

The hyatt is in area by itself and if not for the odd distant sound, you could easily forget you are in the very busy city of Kathmandu.

The hyatt.

Our day trip today was to this spectacular temple.

Namaste from TJ and Todd.

Hope you are all well.

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Back in Kathmandu

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner on our last evening at the kumjung hospital cooked by our very own trekking companion, Louisa. It was a wonderful dinner!

Pre dinner drinks.

Our dinner.

Our departure out of tengboche after the celebration was a quick helicopter ride to lukla. We thought we might have to spend the night but a pleasant surprise and another helicopter takes us to Kathmandu. Some great pictures from the air. TJ sat up front with the captain and videoed the flight. Wow.

Here are some pixs

TJ in lukla.

And we are off to Kathmandu

Spent our first day back touring Kathmandu and seeing more of the sites.

We are back at the yak and yeti hotel and enjoying the simple things in life (toilets,showers,beds).

We went to dinner at the cedar gardens. At spectacular setting in the middle of Kathmandu. Very amazing to say the least.

Our dinner venue.

Hard to believe we are in the centre of Kathmandu


We are off to the hyatt and tomorrow another day of touring. Maybe one or two more blogs and we enjoy our last few days in Nepal.

Hope you are well.


TJ and Todd.

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Khumjung School 50th anniversary continues

A great day in khumjung! The 50 th anniversary celebration continues today and we enjoyed more local dancing by the students and wonderful performances.

We took some time out and hiked a local hill (small mountain). It was a grunt. The locals have a very different definition of a “hill”. At the top of the ridge the views were fantastic (see shots below). More importantly at the top there are 3 monuments in honor of Sir Edmund Hilary and his first wife and daughter who died in a plane crash. A very special ridge in honor to incredible commitment from a family to the entire region. It is very fascinating to see the impact this foundation is having to these people both in education and health care. Wonderful to be part of the celebration.

Kids dancing at last nights event

Visit to the hospital for a tour.

On the tour with the doctor

Tour of the ward.

Overall message “don’t complain about wait times in emergency”

On the way up the hill,I met this little buddy

And at the top……. TJ and Todd

Hope all is well with all of you!

TJ and Todd.

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Location:Khumjung, Nepal

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At 50th Celebration

We left tengboche around 730am and arrived at khumjung around 1030am. It was a big hike. 1.5 hrs down and 1.5hrs up. 1700 foot drop and 1700 feet back up. Going down you ruin your knees and ram your toes into the back of your feet. Going up you need another lung.

A view from the top just prior to getting started

First big drop. Check out that view.

You can see our destination way in the background

Had to wait for the yak train before advancing.

Todd (mountain man). Check out the back ground. You can see tengboche

We arrive at khamjung.

Byron and the headmaster and Todd at the first meeting. The school celebration is on the 29th. For those of you who wrote a post card and donation we will be delivering them to the kids. Very exciting. We have 7lbs or approximately 600 cards.

Hope all are well.

Watch for another blog tomorrow.

Todd and TJ

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Location:Khumjung, Nepal

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On our way down

We left Lobuche this morning at 830am and trekked down passing through some old and some new. Now two points to clarify, one it really is all new as I discovered when traveling the opposite way. So much to see the other way too. The second point is “down”. Still plenty of “up” in the going down trip. We arrived at 330pm.

As you may recall tengboche was the location we helicopter into on 23rd. So tomorrow we trek on new ground down to khumjung and get ready for the celebration.

Some feature photos from our 7.5hr trek today.

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Location:Tengboche, nepal

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